Singing & Comedy Waiters

Looking for something a little different to suprise your guests on your special day?

Then look no further, we have the perfect entertainment to add a little comedy to the day. Our Singing Waiters greet your guests on arrival posing as real staff, dressed in the same uniform and working alongside other waiters.

Your guests will not suspect a thing, as they serve with charm and professionalism, getting to know guests and building rapport. Imagine the surprise when announcements are made and the 'waiters' dramatically break into song, playing guitars and presenting the occasional rose to your guests. Or even more shocking snatch a plate away from your guests and even go as far as dropping all the plates on the floor!

With this type of foolery we promise that will have your guests in stitches and singing along in the end! Your guests will never see it coming and they promise to deliver a surprise to inject energy into your big day, just when itís needed.

Singing & Comedy Waiter: The Singing Waiters & Waitresses
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From £1650

The Singing Waiters & Waitresses

Top Opera Singers Disguised As Your Waitresses

"The Surprise Sopranos" is a fantastic act for any event. It really makes the function different and memorable to the guests. The singers are disguised as your waitresses, chef or maitre-d before bursting into song along with comic role playing...more ]

Singing & Comedy Waiter: The Singing Firemen
Price Guide
From £1700

The Singing Firemen

Top Opera Singers Disguised As Firemen

A new and exclusive act, The Singing Fireman will add a touch of 'heat' to any event! The act begins when 2 fireman enter the venue during the event to check that the venue is complying with Fire Regulations. Having decided that the venue does not...more ]

Singing & Comedy Waiter: Comedy Waiters
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From £1250

Comedy Waiters

4 - 10 Comedy Waiters

If you're entertaining guests then Spanner in the Works comedy waiters are the perfect alternative. The performers infiltrate and work alongside genuine waiters and waitresses, giving your guests an unforgettable evening of unique comedy and music...more ]

Singing & Comedy Waiter: Singing Waitresses
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From £900

Singing Waitresses

Surprise Your Guests With A Staged Performance By The Singing Waitresses

Surprise your guests with a staged appearance by the Singing Waitresses. The performers will waitress during your meal making themselves known to your guests then burst into song during coffee to kick start your evening entertainment with a set of...more ]

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