Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

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Looking for the perfect cake for your special day? Then look no further, we work with lots of different cake companies across the Uk. We believe in a truly personal approach. We recognise that such an important celebration deserves a very special cake and that is why we go to great lengths to work... more ]

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Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes

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Looking for the perfect cake for your special day?

Then look no further, we work with lots of different cake companies across the Uk. We believe in a truly personal approach. We recognise that such an important celebration deserves a very special cake and that is why we go to great lengths to work with only the best to create the wedding cake of your dreams.

Our companies are renowned for irresistibly pretty and elegant designs that are not only visually stunning but also taste delicious. Realising that you are looking for a once in a lifetime cake design and aims to tailor each cake to suit each individual occasion and couple.

Our cakes are baked with love and decorated with a dedication to perfection, our companies are committed to quality, craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

One of the main events of your wedding day will be when you get to cut your wedding cake in front of all your friends and family. Your wedding cake will sit beautifully throughout your wedding reception and will be gazed upon by everyone as you cut that very first slice as husband and wife.

It is common when choosing a wedding cake to match it up with your wedding colour theme or wedding style. Some couples opt for the traditional tiered wedding cake, where as others are a little more adventurous and go for a unique wedding cake or even cupcake wedding cakes which are easy to distribute.

» F.A.Q's

  • Q. Can you deliver our wedding cake? Yes. Nationwide delivery is available for all of our wedding cakes. Please ask for a quote. We can also arrange delivery for weddings that are taking place overseas.
  • Q. Can I mix the flavours of my wedding cake? Of course. Each tier of your wedding cake can be a different flavour.
  • Q. Do I have to choose one of the wedding cakes from your portfolio?
  • No. All of the wedding cakes are individually designed. You can also show us a picture of your design and we can forward this onto the company for you.
  • Q.I want to use fresh flowers on my wedding cake; do I buy them from you? Using fresh flowers on a wedding cake looks beautiful. Your florist will supply the flowers for the wedding cake and we will liaise with them to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.
  • Q.How long before our wedding is the cake prepared? If your wedding cake is a fruitcake then we will bake them as far in advance as possible depending on when the order is placed. The fruitcake needs regular feeding and maturing with brandy. If your wedding cake is sponge then we will bake these the week of the wedding.
  • Q. Do you bake your own wedding cakes? Yes. All our cakes are baked within the companies premises. A lot of love goes into them! Its so important that your wedding cake tastes as good as it looks.
  • Q. I am allergic to nuts. Can you make me a nut free wedding cake? We treat all allergies very seriously and a nut free wedding cake is no problem at all. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.
  • Q. Can you make gluten free wedding cakes? Certainly. Our gluten free wedding cakes come in a variety of flavours.
  • Q. How far in advance do we need to order our wedding cake? This really depends on the time of year that your wedding is taking place. The summer months are very busy. We would advise booking at least three months in advance, though it is always worth calling we work with lots of companies across the UK some have last minute appointments.
  • Q. My mother wants to bake our wedding cake? Our companies can certainly ice and decorate cakes that are provided. They would need to liaise directly with the baker to get the correct shapes and sizes. Though we would recommend that you try our fabulous wedding cakes!

» Service Information

Design Service:
All cakes are bespoke and made to order. Our companies can either design something new or you can choose a design from their portfolios. If you decide to choose a design they can, if you desire, change colours and flowers to compliment any theme that you may be having at your celebration.

Consultations and Cake Tasting:
Consultations are by appointment only. Cake tasting samples will be provided at the consultation. If you don't require a consultation but would like to sample the cake flavours, we can mail your cake samples to you on a UK recorded next day delivery.

Wheat Free:
Our companies can make wheat free cakes, the fruitcake, carrot cake and chocolate fudge cake work best with the wheat free flour.

Fruitcakes are made with brandy, but we can also make them alcohol free if required.

Dairy Free:
This option of a dairy free cake is also available. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Lead Times:
We ask for 3 months notice when ordering wedding and civil ceremony cakes, and 1 month for other celebrations, however depending on our schedule, we may be able to accept orders at shorter notice.

Cake Design Alterations:
Design alterations can be made up to but no later than 1 month before collection/delivery. If the alteration affects the cost then your balance will be adjusted accordingly.

Delivery charges for all destinations are available on request. If you choose delivery, we will liaise with the banqueting team at the venue regarding timings and set up. All cakes can be collected from our companies direct too. Please note that if the cake is collected, the full responsibility for the safety of the cake is with the client and the company will not responsible for any damage to the cake that may occur after it has left there premises. The possibility also exists that the cake may be unable to be delivered due to adverse or freak weather conditions such as snow or floods and that these conditions may make your venue inaccessible. We strongly recommend that you purchase wedding insurance to cover yourselves for this eventuality.

Cakes Decorated With Fresh Flowers:
If your cake design requires fresh flowers, your florist will supply these. Our companies will liaise directly with your florist regarding the specific floral requirements and we will decorate the cake with the flowers on site. NB. Please note some flowers are not suitable for use as a cake decoration. Ask your florist for details regarding toxicity. Our companies cannot be liable for any contamination to our food product that may arise from their misuse.

Cakes Decorated With Non-Edible Materials:
The use of non-edible materials for cake decoration is very increasingly popular. Please note that the 'craft jewels' and accessories such as brooches, ribbons, silk flowers, diamantes, beads, feathers, etc. that are used to decorate some of our cakes are not edible and must be removed from your cake before serving. All of our decorative gems and accessories are only used at the clients request and our companies accept no responsibility for any physical harm that may arise from their use.

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