Stag Do T-Shirts

Stag Do T-Shirts

The Perfect Addition To Any Stag Night ..

Not only can we provide the entertainment for your stag do but we can also provide all the accessories to go with it! We can provide Personalised T-shirts and accessories for all Stag Parties. We have loads of templates available for you ready to change with your own text! Or create your own... more ]

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Stag Do T-Shirts
Stag Do T-Shirts
Stag Do T-Shirts

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Not only can we provide the entertainment for your stag do but we can also provide all the accessories to go with it! We can provide Personalised T-shirts and accessories for all Stag Parties.

We have loads of templates available for you ready to change with your own text! Or create your own T-Shirt - its up to you! We'll print all T-shirts by hand, so literally anything you want is possible. We appreciate everyone isnt the same, and like different things, that is why for each of our products, you are able to design your own t-shirt choosing the colour and writing, choose what you want written on the front and back!

You have the option to design your own Stag T Shirts. Whether you just want to create your own top with text or add a photo to your t-shirt, its entirely up to you! You can also design your own pair of sexy hot pants and top hats for different and alternative personalised items For more items you can personalise, go to our design your own page. If you have an idea of what you want just email us with your ideas and we'll turn it into a reality!

We understand that getting everyone dressed up and themed can be expensive and difficult to organise, which is where we come in! Our aim is to give you a huge selection of accessories at great prices.

Our aim is to give you a huge selection of designs at great prices, whilst keeping it easy for you to personalise each T-shirt to how you want them. All you need to do is choose your item, decide your lettering, colour, quantity and sizes then we'll give you our best price.

» Colours - T-Shirts & Lettering

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Army Camo
  • Navy
  • Greay
  • Royal Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Bottle Green
  • Yellow
  • Mint Green
  • Aqua
  • Baby Pink
  • Baby Blue
  • And Much More Available Upon Request!

» Stag Night Dares!

  • Stand Up And Dance (alone) To A Cheesy Song
  • Hug A Man With A Beard
  • Find A Penny Dated 1993
  • Fit As Many Of You In A Phone Box And Take A Pic!
  • Take A Photo Of You Sat On A Push Bike
  • Go For A Wee In A Ladiees Loo
  • Get A Women To Lend You Her Shoes And Take A Photo
  • Down A Drink In One
  • Borrow A Womens Lipstick
  • Order A Drink Without Speaking
  • Collect Another Womens Bra And Wear It For The Night!

» Planning The Perfect Stag!

Making the cut
Ultimately, you want to leave the bulk of this responsibility to the stag. Only he can really be sure of whom he wants there and who he doesnt. He may however, need some insight into mixing too many social circles which include work colleagues, friends, family and even in-laws its a stag do not an engagement party. It might be an idea to have the entire stag group come together for a drink beforehand to break the ice. Remember a separate event can be organised to cater for those who he doesnt really want there yet has some obligation to celebrate with. Try and encourage him to keep the numbers exclusive, as this will ultimately be easier for you to coordinate. The ideal group size would be between eight and twelve.

Its a date
You must get this right. Coordinate it in such a way that you are able to accommodate as many people as possible whilst ensuring that there is enough time (for the stag) to recover in advance of the wedding. We would normally recommend about a month before the first of the wedding functions.

Its simple. You get more bang for your buck should you decide to keep the event here in the UK. You will save on travels costs whilst being able to justify a shorter stay than if you were to travel overseas. Its normally good practise to ensure that everyone chips in for the stags costs to attend by the way and its also a recommendation to collect all the funds before any bookings are made (including a little extra for other expenses like stag costumes etc) and if numbers are manageable we suggest that you organise a kitty for the first few rounds to allow for smooth running each evening. Even the most modest of stag dos will set you back 200 per person over a weekend but realistically the group has to expect to easily fork out between 350 to 500 over a weekend in total, including expenses. Of course, theres no limit to how much you can spend on a stag, so it does come down to where youre headed and the overall financial muscle of the group.

Location Location
Try and find out the grooms preferences on where to go although undoubtedly there will be more casualties if the stag do is planned abroad for finance and other reasons. If you are UK focused then try and find a place that encourages you to be more creative in terms of activities and perhaps exposing the group to an environment in which theyre not used to. If it is decided to go international, do some research. You dont want to go anywhere that is already saturated with other stag events, hostile locals and cheap entertainment. You do want to go somewhere that your group will be warmly welcomed, with good and reasonably priced food and drink options and with plenty going on. Your group will have a responsibility to reciprocate this with courteous behaviour in addition to respecting cultural and social etiquettes. This doesnt take any of the fun away it just means you dont have to constantly look over your shoulder. It certainly wont hurt to have some local contacts before you arrive at your destination. So regardless of where the tour has been planned for, its a nice touch to be a little different. Remember that most people will have been on a stag do before so the uniqueness of this trip is what you will be remembered for.

Fun and Games
Traditionally all games and activities suffer the same forfeit some form of alcohol poisoning. Theres no need to necessarily change this but perhaps consider those who dont drink or if activities are particularly early in the day. What we do recommend however is not to overdo the activities over the course of the stag. You will undoubtedly have something lined up each evening; your days are long enough so theres no need to fill them with physically and mentally enduring tasks. Try and research activities that are unique to your destination and that are not too demanding as this will more than likely take the enjoyment out for most people. There is also an opportunity to pair people up here in a bid to encourage them to socialise outside of their normal groups. If you run out of inspiration, dont forget to pack your playing cards and use your imagination.

Stitching him up
Just remember not to let things get carried away here. You will be the one that has to ultimately answer to everyone if the stag doesnt return the same man as the one that left. Understandably, he will be subject to a little more abuse than the rest of the group and try to think outside the box when it comes to his attire. Everythings been done to death but weve always found it of much better value for everyone when the stag wears something that he actually embraces whilst still appearing as idiotic to your casual bystander.

Gentlemans club vs. Gentlemen only. For some, a trip to a strip club is imminent or certainly organising some kind of adult entertainment for the groom-to-be is non-negotiable. There are no traditional values here whatsoever that need be adhered to. Truthfully, youre better off discussing this with the stag directly and finding out about his desire is on this topic, peer pressure neednt be a factor. Frankly, if this is the source of highlight in the trip, you probably havent done a great job overall.

Lets not play down the responsibility that rests on your shoulders its huge. You will play a selfless role for the duration of the event with the stags best interests always at heart. It probably means that you will have to be the most sober of the group (at times), responsible for everyone and their antics whilst maintaining control over the course of events. Youre simultaneously the ring leader and the one who gets the party started. Ultimately, this should be an enjoyable experience for you, more so should you exceed all the parties expectations and not just that of the stags. One day, someone may choose repay that favour. As a final note, you may want to take down the bride-to-bes mobile number. She will want updates as to the health and overall condition of the stag; that you can bet your house on!

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